How we work

How we work

We help companies with their temporary and project talent needs. We do this by offering talent in a very flexible way. We are specialized in finding untapped talent, especially people on a career crossroad, from young graduates entering the labor market (Young Vibes) via people twisting their career (Twisting Vibes) till people looking for a meaningful career end (Silver Vibes).

Companies typically work with our talents on dynamic and innovative challenges in the domains of HR, marketing & communication, service development and corporate social responsibility.
We have an innovative recruitment process based on talent, personality and motivation, and we match people to challenges based on those elements. Furthermore, we have one-to-one coaching & a peer2peer-learning model that guarantees strong results for the companies and intensive growth for the people involved.

Our model enables us to work flexible - be it single, in duo or in team, starting at the sharp price of 275 euros/day. Due to our unique learning model we can guarantee quality and make the best use of our complementary (talent, background, age, experience) team. The synergies created between The Young Vibes and The Twisting Vibes are manifested by result-oriented, co-creative formats.

Sinter-Goedeleplein 5 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium
T +32 477 87 27 71

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